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Why was Amadeus Bühnentext developed?

The success of an operatic performance depends on the contribution of numerous components. Nowadays the insertion of translations has become indispensable. Whether the viewers are opera pros or not, the translations are meant to help them better understand the performance and therefore complement the experience of “opera”.

In recent years, there has been a constant demand for a better solution for stage surtitling, as the systems operating worldwide with manual execution have been producing significant shortcomings.

Amadeus Bühnentext offers an intelligent software solution, which makes a point-by-point insertion of surtitles for opera performances and other musical entertainment events such as musicals, operettas and concerts possible. Through automatic synchronization, it is the music that gives the impulse to the display and not the operator. There is no comparable system anywhere in the world.

A special feature is the possibility to present vocal texts in up to four independent timelines. This opens the possibility to produce correct surtitling of multi-voice singing. Up to four voices can start or end at the same time or be staggered in time. This is a technology that can in no way be solved by manual surtitling. Usually such spots are skipped or provided with many confusing indents.

A further advantage is the display ability in several colours. This makes the assignment to each soloist much easier. Through Amadeus Bühnentext the times of guessing who is currently singing have become history.

Amadeus Bühnentext offers the audience a special experience of the performance at the highest level.