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Amadeus Bühnentext – A revolution in real-time surtitling!

  • Music-controlled text transition at maximum reliability
  • Unique system – suitable for any additional performance
  • Simultaneous playback of several foreign languages
  • Cost savings through personnel-free operation

Nowadays almost all opera programs are advertised with ´German Surtitles`. Surtitles have become standard in performances of operas, concerts or events and are intended to be used as translations of events performed in their original language.

Worldwide, the texts are as per branch jargon ´driven` manually during the performance. Unfortunately, this form of manual surtitling has a high probability of error. Clearly surtitles which are not exactly placed or played, disturb and confuse the viewer. Nevertheless, this costly procedure from the 1960s is still the only solution to the surtitling of musical events.

As Einstein said: ´It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom. `

Now Amadeus Bühnentext makes the impossible possible!
Music-controlled surtitle transitions at live events & in real-time!

Based on our decades of experience, we have analysed the problems of manual surtitling and a procedure has been developed and implemented as software. This has meanwhile been patented at the European Patent Office. Thanks to this world-wide unique software from Amadeus Bühnentext, it is finally possible to run surtitles automatically. Surtitles no longer need to be driven manually. Thanks to Amadeus Bühnentext the conventional surtitling by ear, with all its known disadvantages, is a thing of the past.

Our unrivalled technology reduces the amount of personnel required for surtitling considerably. With the help of a pre-programmed reference version, every performance of a production can be precisely given with surtitling, even if it is so complicated!

Amadeus Bühnentext is versatile, both for theatre performances in front of the local audience as well as for tours in foreign-speaking countries. Using Amadeus Bühnentext system eliminates the need of foreign language skills of the operator.

Experience the realization of a passion: a music-compliant text presentation, which offers viewers around the world a new intense experience of the musical work.