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This is how Amadeus Bühnentext works!

A reference production

Amadeus Bühnentext allows all the subsequent performances of a production to be fully automated and identical with exact inserts with a precisely timed and artistically designed basic reference surtitling (master).

The production of the reference file is offered as a service with Amadeus Bühnentext.
This means that true-to-life functional tests can be carried out at an early stage before the performance. This increases the guarantee for high-quality surtitling.

The surtitles of a production are executed according to the guidelines of the director and dramaturgy.

Although during the dress rehearsal, the texts transmissions are subjected to a final test, changes can still be made at any time afterwards.

The playback options are shown in the figure below and should be selected before the performance.
Before the performance, the stage microphone is connected to the sound input of the computer.

Settings for the performance

This figure shows settings for communication with the projection device. After coupling to the projection system, Amadeus Bühnentext takes over the impulses for superimposing sub/surtitles.


figure: playback options