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Amadeus Bühnentext can do this!

After several years of research and development, our technique offers the long-awaited revolution of stage surtitling of music performances of every kind.

The brains behind Amadeus Bühnentext is subtitle specialist Karlheinz Mayer. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of music and opera surtitling, the development of an innovative product has succeeded in satisfying the needs of organizers, performers and viewers alike.

Amadeus Bühnentext offers a variety of advantages:

  • High quality artistic texts
  • Avoidance of discrepancies in text transitions
  • Adaptation to the tempo chosen by the conductor
  • Composition with different performers
  • Insensitive to transpositions
  • Personal or roll-specific surtitling
  • Multitrack and multi-colour fonts
  • Simultaneous transmission in any number of languages
  • Cost-efficiency through any number of repetitions
  • Cost-effective, unmanned automatic operation